About E-Tawakal

Etawakal is an online remittance transfer service based in Garowe, Somalia built by experienced Somali Entrepreneurs migrated back to Somalia. It is an interactive remittance service that offers real-time debit / credit from branch, mobile to mobile-money transfers and branch pick-up from all over the world to registered mobile-money users in Somalia.

Due to influx of African immigrants in the United States and Western World in large whose remittance needs could not be met by the existing financial systems, Etawakal Platform has found an opportunity in offering remittance transfer services for immigrants who want to send money back home to their relatives and has partnered Tawakal Money Express one of the largest Somalis Money Remittance Network.

The African immigrants, a primarily low-income community and micro-entrepreneurs, send money to family and relatives who dwell in a setting where financial services and their outreach are limited. Etawakal customers are mainly immigrants from Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and the majority of transactions are in the range of $50 - $200.

Etawakal is committed to offering the most convenient, fast, effective and reliable electronic money wiring services for this community. Our business respects and abides by the anti-money laundering laws and regulations established by the USA Patriot Act, OFAC, BSA, and state regulations to fight and prevent money laundering.

How It Works

ETAWAKAL Mobile Money Transfer enables instant money transfer from one place to another place using mobile technology through Somali major telecommunication services.

The process for money transfer is very simple. The remitter (sender) remit funds on an ETawakal user account by going to any Tawakal branch worldwide. Once funds are remitted a sender can remit funds, using an online platform, to a recipient located at any of the covered Somali regions. Then, a recipient can cash out funds at a Tawakal branch in Somalia or use funds as Mobile Money.